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ACI Infomobility is always at the side of those on the move, whether for work or leisure. Our goal? To make every trip the best trip possible.


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Web Radio

Infomobility news, current hits, weather forecasts and all the news from Italy and around the world available through online streaming or via app on iOS and Android devices.

The web radio, also accessible from the Luceverde portal, provides access to numerous podcasts made by ACI and dedicated to the world of cars, music and travel.

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A service that offers citizens real-time updates on traffic and public transport conditions and other information of public utility.

Luceverde pays the utmost attention to commuting, seasonal issues linked to tourism, and public safety aspects related to sharing information. The aim is to promote road safety and improve accessibility.

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Place 4 me

A device that improves the use of parking spaces set aside for particular categories of users or “reserved” parking spaces, on both public and private land.

It has been designed to allow control of reserved parking spaces by means of detection sensors and audible signals, and to dissuade misuse. To date, ​Place For Me ​is being tested in the cities of Rome, Genoa, Velletri and Milan.


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Connected car 

An integrated remote diagnosis system that lets you check the status of a vehicle via app and web dashboards for use by the operational centres responsible for assistance.

With Connected Car, it’s possible to predict potential vehicle breakdowns and promptly notify the car owner via phone or web. Thanks to a device connected to the vehicle’s “OBD2” port, it’s possible to analyse engine status, battery status, driving style and much more.


Advanced Contact Center 800 18 34 34

The Contact Center service provides information on the local and national traffic situation, on local mobility and information related to the health emergency via the number 800 18 34 34. It operates from Monday to Friday, from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Calls are completely free for citizens from any phone in Italy, both landlines and mobiles. The service is accessible via voice recognition to allow callers to interact in total safety, reducing distractions.

leads the way

All our services are benefiting from ACI Infomobility’s technological innovation, which enables us to give citizens new types of information, like geolocation of parking spaces, fuel prices and the location of various petrol stations.

ACI Infomobility offers increasing support for travel decisions, at a time when uncertainty and lack of information could confuse many citizens struggling with mobility needs. Furthermore, we’re on the eve of a difficult transition path that probably requires several phases, involving different groups at different times.

It will be essential to accompany these phases with rigorous and institutional information on authorisations, prohibitions, exemptions and permits, and to inform citizens about the correct use of the various transport systems gradually being reopened, with the limitations enforced.


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