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Luceverde is a service created to offer citizens, on behalf of the Local and Territorial Authorities, free real-time updates on traffic and public transport conditions, along with information of public utility.

It is a public service with a focus on commuting, seasonal issues linked to tourism and public safety aspects connected to sharing information, which uses the latest technologies in collaboration with the Municipal Police, Traffic Police, Road and Motorway Management Bodies, Public Transport Companies, Civil Protection and other Institutional Bodies.

Luceverde was created to promote road safety and improve accessibility and mobility in urban centres and metropolitan areas, with news that’s ever more directly relevant to citizens, through a technologically advanced service for the community.


mappa Milano Roma Trapani Prato Ancona Modena Genova Trieste Pescara Bari Salerno Lecce Bologna Mariano Comense Como Erba Cantù Barletta Domodossola Napoli Desenzano del Garda Verbania Perugia Bergamo Vicenza Velletri Verona Luceverde è attivo a

Many channels,
one service

Luceverde has been consolidated and developed in line with new information needs through omnichannel dissemination, which uses broadcasts, web, social and mobile production as a fundamental pillar for sharing infomobility content.

During this period, the service also provides information on mobility related to the Covid-19 health emergency (airport situation, documentation required by law, etc.).


Luceverde via web collects all traffic information, audio bulletins recorded by the Luceverde team and much more.

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Luceverde via social

All our content is accessible through our social media channels, subdivided by city.

via radio and TV

Our content is made available free of charge to all radio and TV broadcasters who request it. Every year we produce about 9,500 news bulletins, broadcast on 160 radio and TV stations with agreements in the cities covered by the service.

If you’re a broadcaster and want to know how to get our content, ​contact us​.


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Luceverde via app

The app, as well as providing access to text content and audio bulletins, lets you access special services like “Around Me” (to get information on mobility in your surrounding area), “Parking Search” and “Petrol Prices”.

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