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Servizio Connected Car

Connected Car is an experimental service consisting of an integrated vehicle data collection and processing system, which can provide information on a vehicle’s status and display it on motorists’ mobile devices via app and on web dashboards for use by operational centres responsible for assistance.

Connected Car represents the future of roadside assistance, anticipating potential vehicle breakdowns through preventive remote diagnostics. The technology underlying “Connected Vehicles” is also a possible evolution of ACI’s approach to assisting motorists.

Connected Car provides

How it works

The heart of the service is an innovative device connected to the vehicle’s “OBD2” port, capable of analysing vehicle data relating to engine status, battery status, driving style and much more.

To date, all the information collected is made available through a special app available to 250 users selected from among the ACI Group’s shareholders and employees.

As well as the app support, assistance is provided by Contact Centre operators, who use a dedicated dashboard to alert users and provide support to resolve faults and malfunctions. The goal, after an initial optimisation phase, is to make the service accessible to all.

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